Our Cashmere Quality

Our cashmere scarf collection is woven by some of the finest artisans and craftsmen in Asia. The supple quality is handmade and woven with intricate patterns to ensure a delicate but consistent product. 

The creation of the scarves was born out of necessity and have evolved over time. The material is sourced from the hilly region of Kashmir, India. The province is known for some of the world’s most talented artisans, who first created the cashmere wrap hundreds of years ago, to shield from the cold and blustery region.

The making of our design involves collecting the fine hair, sorting raw material, spinning, weaving and creating a world-class scarf, the process is both extensive and thorough.

The 100% cashmere quality is world renowned for its soft, lightweight, and elegant facade. And though delicate, the cashmere fabric allows for the piece to be worn on the coldest of days, in addition to a cool nights breeze.